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Choose your goals, and you'll find the way to them with us - in just 10 minutes daily. Finally implement the valuable knowledge from the best books and video courses instead of just reading about it and forgetting it again.

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There are so many smart books, good video courses, and websites that could actually take you very far. But unfortunately, you forget most of it right away before you can implement it. Or you keep reading the same thing over and over without change. Or you endlessly collect notes, hoping to implement them someday, and everything remains as it is.

But now, that's finally over! 🚀

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At Learnaxy, you choose the life you dream of and get the knowledge you need to achieve it. With our very simple learning system, you will never forget the life-changing knowledge. With our motivating challenges, you will put your new knowledge directly into practice and the life of your dreams will come closer. 🌴

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Imagine that! You only need 10 minutes a day to:

Grow in all areas of your life
Become the person you so want to be
Lead the life you dream of
Overcome your weaknesses that hold you back

And it's easier than ever before. The tasks of the challenges tell you exactly what to do to achieve your self-selected goals. 😎

At a glance

Learnaxy as a game changer

Because most people lack a simple memorisation strategy and forget successful knowledge before they can put it into practice.

Ready-made content: Learning sets

We offer you ready-made content with a challenge for many books, video courses and websites. These contents are called learning sets and you can find them in our shop.


With our simple challenges, you will finally implement the right success knowledge from the best books and video courses - in just 10 minutes a day.

No longer forgotten

With our simple learning system, you won't forget your new knowledge from the learning sets, no matter how extensive the new knowledge is.

Achieve goals

At the beginning you choose your goals and we show you the appropriate learning sets with the challenges so that you can achieve your goals. You can find the goals to choose from in our shop.

As an app

With the Learnaxy app, you always have your game changer with you.

Get the Learnaxy app!

Faster, better, easier to handle, with you everywhere

Our contents: The learning sets

Our content is called Learning Sets. These are collections of questions and answers that contain the complete knowledge on a topic and make it learnable. They are mostly based on books or video courses.

Learning Sets contain challenges with specific tasks and usually also include videos, texts, links to websites, references to books, and more. You can find the Learning Sets in our shop.

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Learnaxy Challenges

A challenge includes practical tasks so that you can retain the new knowledge long-term and implement it.

Tasks include:
Reading texts, watching videos, or using other media
Learning knowledge with our simple long-term memory learning system
Practical instructions for implementation and application

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Learning sets

Here you can see some learning sets from our shop.

The information from books, websites, video courses and YouTube videos

Since many of our Learning Sets are based on books, websites, video courses, or Youtube videos, you can now directly acquire the ready-made Learning Sets with all the knowledge. No more laborious work or endless scattered notes.

Simply do the challenge, retain and implement the knowledge.

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Goals / Learning set collections

With us, you'll find collections of Learning Sets that help you achieve specific goals or cover specific subject areas. Choose your goal, and the appropriate Learning Sets will be displayed for you.

You will achieve your goals by completing the challenges of the Learning Sets. You can also find the goals/Learning Set collections in our shop.

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Goals / Learning set collections

Here you can see some destinations / learning set collections to choose from.

Don't forget any more

No matter how extensive the new knowledge is, with our simple long-term memory learning system, you won't forget it anymore. This system is called 'Deepmode' and incorporates elements of the well-known flashcard learning.

Each challenge includes the task of learning the new knowledge with Deepmode. Especially during implementation, it's crucial to be able to memorize the new knowledge, otherwise, one can't effectively implement it.

10 minutes daily are completely sufficient for this.

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Other learning modes for other cases

If you want to go much faster (but less long-term), there's the Speedmode. It significantly shortens the long-term memory learning system.

Each question goes through levels 0 to 6 in both Deepmode and Speedmode. New questions start at level 0, while fully learned questions are at level 6 (in long-term memory).

And if you want to test or refresh parts of the complete knowledge, there's also the Testmode. In this mode, all questions of a Learning Set are asked consecutively.

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Don't miss anything and find even more exciting content:

Learnaxy in everyday life

You can easily integrate Learnaxy into your daily life. During longer waiting times in your everyday life, you can quickly spend a few minutes learning with Learnaxy or go through some texts or videos.

Whether it's during lunch break, at the bus stop, before bedtime, or on the train: Learnaxy is always there.

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Get started right away

Since Learnaxy has many use cases, the app can naturally do more than others. Therefore, it's important that you're not overwhelmed by the features. That's why we offer a brief tour of the pages. The tour quickly explains the functions to you.

When you take the tour, you can collect coins and silver.

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Silver and coins

Our digital currencies are Silver and Coins. In addition to many free contents, we also have some that can only be obtained with Silver or Coins.

You can earn Silver while learning. It's also our currency with which you can acquire virtual ornaments and gemstones. You can obtain Coins on ➔ this page in the shop.

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Gems and ornaments

Success is usually only visible in the near future. That's why when you learn content, there are virtual silver coins that you can exchange for beautiful gemstone images and ornaments in the trading post. These are displayed to you as you learn and are symbolic of your progress and future success. You can also use silver to get new learning sets.

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New Learning sets

Here you can see the latest learning sets on Learnaxy.

Creator of the learning sets

Our partners and we at Learnaxy place the highest value on good content. That's why many contents (besides the free ones) also have a certain value in Coins or Silver. By obtaining these contents, you also motivate the creators to build even more helpful content for you and others.

If you want to become a partner yourself, feel free to contact us.

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Create your own content, individually or in a team

You can also create your own learning sets. We provide good tips on our blog on how you can do this in the best possible way. We also offer you extensive team functions. This allows you to create good content together with friends or colleagues, which everyone can then use.

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If you want to help others too, share Learnaxy

The more people are active on Learnaxy, the more helpful content is created

Streaks, levels and medals

For pure learning in the different modes, you earn Silver. There is a random amount of Silver for a correct or incorrect answer.

Additionally, there are Streaks and Levels. A streak indicates how many consecutive days you've learned for 10 minutes each. Every 3 days, there's also a bonus day. Up to 8 streak records are saved.

For a certain amount of Silver you've earned while learning, you level up.

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Order of the month

Furthermore, you can receive a medal for each month. If you manage to learn for 4 minutes daily, you'll receive the monthly medal in Bronze. If you learn for 10 minutes daily, it's in Silver, and for 20 minutes daily, it's in Gold.

You can see an overview of your monthly medals on the statistics page.

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Learnaxy at the university

You can use Learnaxy effectively for your studies or seminars. You can utilize ready-made content or create your own (individually or collaboratively) for others to use.

This makes studying easier since you no longer need your own memorization strategy. You'll become significantly faster and more knowledgeable in new subjects.

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Learnaxy for seminars or lessons

Let your students or pupils create Learning Sets together, which everyone will receive in the end. Each person contributes a small part but ends up with the complete knowledge on a topic. You can check the quality and give instructions, while the students or pupils implement them.

Such content can be reused for subsequent courses or years, and you have the assurance that everyone in the course or class will be well-versed in the topic.

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Quizaxy - Your quiz app

Let us briefly introduce our quiz app, which complements Learnaxy well.

With Quizaxy, you can acquire knowledge while playing quizzes: Play quizzes against your friends or up to 1000 random players. Complete quiz challenges, earn medals, and become an expert in your favorite topics. There are plenty of entertainment topics as well as quizzes on success knowledge.

➔ www.quizaxy.com

Learnaxy Blog

Our blog: Find the best content from Learnaxy, discover interesting countries, learn about wacky things and gain new insights. Short texts, lots of pictures and videos 🏆🌴